About Us


C & K Lawn Services was started in the year 1999 by two brothers, Clay and Kyle.

After living most of their young lives on a small ranch in east Bexar County, they had a lot of extra time on their hands when they moved to the city. They took on a few yards as young teens and because of the quality of their work had a full business going in a few short years.

Clay went on to expand the business to include landscaping services while in college at University of Texas here in San Antonio. After he graduated in 2006, he began to branch out his lawn maintenance and landscape management to include services to Homeowner Associations as well as Commercial Landscaping. It is with much pride that we and our employees continue to create and maintain beautiful lawns.

Meet The Team

Chris, the maintenance foreman

Maintenance Foreman

Spray Tech

Adam, the irrigation specialist

Irrigation Specialist


The office staff

Office Staff